20 May 2010

I Love SAJC 32nd Student Council

Today was an especially happening day today due to many many events going on, namely:
1. 32nd's stepping down (sob, sob!)
2. Nanyang Investiture with Ping Woo
3. Cheering for boys' soccer finals against MJC

The 32nd's stepping down is such a sad sad sad thing. They don't get to wear their badges or blazers anymore, perform services for the school e.g. flag raising, blazer rental, and they gotta hand their reputation, hard work and effort to us, the 33rd, who may or may not be able to carry on their legacy. The uncertainty, the inevitable bittersweet end and the gazillion wonderful memories made every of the 32nd and 33rd exco cry like babies. When my turn comes, I probably would too.
Gave my present (hand-decorated shoes) to Joel, my wonderful OGL and predecessor for Grad Night. Thank you for being such a sweetheart and wonderful friend (: Will you stop calling me a man!

Nanyang's Investiture was interesting. Went with Mr. Tan Ping Woo, who reserved a place to go for this particular investiture wayyy in advance cos his girlfriend's in that council!! So sweet, no? Anyhoo, made our way there in our whites (eeyer, psuedo PAP outfits) in the sweltering heat. And we still needed to put on our suitable-for-winter-conditions blazers. Bleah. Being ushered into the blessedly cool air-conditioned library was such a tremendous relief.
Met a lot of friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends!! Hahahah, that was rather fun to type! Anyhoo, Elizabeth Tan Seok Hui, my awesome friend of 11 years since Primary 1 (we took the same school bus to school for 6 years!) and Valerie Wang, my ex-netball teammate are both in NY's 33rd Council! (: Met one of Deborah's really good friends; had a great time talking to her too. Met 2 Marist boys who know Denzel. Shan't comment on that. Teehee. There are quite a few others but I can't remember...
Left soon after refreshments to go back to school for cheering for boys' soccer finals.

Cheering was mad good. It was out last cheering for the sporting season; next time we do cheering will be during Orientaion 2011. I wanted it to the best cheering ever so I gave it my all and really threw myself into cheering enthusiastically. Hopefully the crowd doesn't think I'm a loony, screaming into the loudhailer, jumping up and down throughout the match and giving banshee-like shrieks during tense moments. 32nd was in the crowd, and it motivated me even more to put in my best effort.
Although the boys lost 2-1, I felt it was a great fight that the Saints put up and there was great sportsmanship displayed throughout the game (: It was an awesome and memorable game to store away in the "Cheering Memories" folder in my brain. I wanna get to know a soccer boy so he can teach me all those neat tricks!
Soccer with Irwin, Wei Ren, Adam, Christopher and Gerald after getting back to school. Had loads of fun playing but I wore the wrong shoes. It hurt like a biatchhhhh when I kicked the ball really hard. Then I did a rather stupid thing:
*Wei Ren tosses in ball*
Gerald: Ashley! Header!
*Ashley goes for it and meets the ball head on*
Ashley: Ouchhhh. Why does it hurt so bad??
*Touches head*
Ashley: Oh damn. My hairband. Owwww ):
It was superrrrrr fun and I wish we could have played longer but it was getting really dark and visibility was really poor; Gerald really wasn't visible!! HAHAHAH. He's Chinese but seriously seriously seriously dark and Malay-looking! Guys, we really need to play together more often so I can improve and play for you guys in council matches!! (:

So all in all, I spent 20 minutes in Econs tutorial before leaving for 32nd's stepping down and two-thirds of a PE lesson taking 2.4 timings. That's all I did for lessons today!! HAHAHAH, missed much, didn't I.

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